[accordian fields=”8″ accordian_group=”faqs” accordian_title=”,How much do you charge?,How can I check my income tax withholding? (I just changed jobs__ how many deductions should I claim? I want to adjust my withholding for the new baby/house/marital status__ what should I claim?),Should I make estimated (quarterly) income tax payments?,I got a letter from the IRS. What should I do?,I need to make an appointment with The Handy Tax Guy to discuss my tax preparation.,I haven’t gotten my refund from the IRS what should I do?,I need a copy of a past tax return.,Who is The Handy Tax Guy?,What are changes from the previous tax year?” accordian_text=’,Our fees are based on the complexity of the return you need__ so I would rather have you discuss your needs with one of our Advisors who can give you a more complete estimate.,This is an important thing to get right. Please seculy email or fax your most recent pay check stub showing your income and withholding (you will also need your spouse’s paycheck stub). I will also need to know how often you get paid (i.e.__ weekly__ every two weeks__ twice monthly). Please let me know if you are anticipating any income or expense changes between now and the end of the year.,The best way to get this figured out is to send The Handy Tax Guy an email at [email protected]. Be sure to give me some examples of your particular situation and include a phone number where I can reach you. You can expect to hear back from me within a day or two upon receipt of your information. ,This is one of the reasons I am here for you. I will need to see the entire letter which can be sent to me by fax or secure email. You can find my contact information here. Be sure to include a phone number where The Handy Tax Guy can reach you., Please contact me to Schedule an Appointment. Also__ our Forms & Checklist will provide you a list of documents needed prior to the appointment. ,You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or check the federal return website at www.irs.gov/Refunds and/or the state you reside in state refund website. You’ll need your social security number and the amount of your anticipated refund in order to weave through the voicemail system. If you still have questions after you have contacted them__ then let me know.. Also review the IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart.,If you are a returning client please contact me for information regarding the process of acquiring your past tax return. If not a client__ contact your previous tax preparer.,The Handy Tax Guy believes in providing outstanding service to each and every client. I am dedicated to the four underlying principles of professionalism__ responsiveness__ quality and security. Learn more About Me.,It is our pleasure to provide you and your family/friend with excellent tax preparation services.,This is a very important thing to know. Refer to our Tax Tips page to stay informed.,Find out more in our Forms & Checklist page.,I can provide you a free estimate here__ all I need is for you to provide me the required income and withholding information.,The Secure Client Portal is a convenient and centralized way for you to send__ store__ and receive completed tax documents from me.’/]