About Me

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Handy, (pronounced Andy…”H” is silent) and I live in Orlando, Florida, with my beautiful wife and daughter. And when I’m not helping my clients or spending time with my family, you’ll find me playing music or working out.

The Handy Tax Guy and Family enjoying Cleveland, Ohio
Me, my wife, and daughter vacationing in Cleveland, Ohio.

I believe you should never let your fears keep you from fulfilling your purpose and living out your dreams. That’s why I founded The Handy Tax Guy… because I believe in using money as a tool to create a life of financial success.

Working with tax clients in the past has helped me combine my many years of experience to create a blog that will help you take control of your finances. My goal is to give you simple everyday tips that you can use right away.

With 90% of people in our country buying things they cannot afford, it’s important that you stay on top of your financial goals if you want a life of FREEDOM!

The first step to taking controlling of your money is your mindset to do so.  Since you are here, I know you’re ready to reach your financial goals. I believe in putting pen to paper in order to make the goal and journey real.

Motivational Quote from Eric Thomas with Epcot monorail in background.

With every blog post you read, you will be one step closer to conquering your finances!

Then it Happened! My wife and I have used many of the tips and workbooks on this site and inside the Road to Financial Freedom series to pay off and get out of more than $400,000 in debt!

Insane, right?!?

I know, but we did it because we planned and wanted to succeed at any cost.

Most park tax payers, like yourself, are often frustrated in that you can’t find all of your financial advice that includes both money-saving tips and tax preparation tips in one place.

This is why I wanted to change the direction of The Handy Tax Guy from more than just someone you see on a yearly basis to do your taxes, but someone who can guide you throughout the year to help you attain a financially FREE life!

It’s safe to say that I’ve learned a lot in researching, making my own mistakes, listening and reading what other people would like to know when it comes to their finances, and I’d like to share.

Here are some of my favorite tips that truly made the biggest impact on my personal practice in the last year.


These 15 tax tips and money-saving tips to help you get started today!

  1. Have an emergency fund of at least $1000 to cover any unforeseen accidents
  2. Remember deductions have to be items related to your business
  3. Keep track of receipts
  4. Pay off debt quickly (starting with smallest to largest)
  5. Use excel spreadsheet for bookkeeping which will make your life easier once tax season comes
  6. Remember that if you make money from your blog or any side-hustle, then you have to report it
  7. Have a short-term and long-term savings plan
  8. Talk to a professional tax advisor- you can call us to set up a free consultation
  9. Print your tax checklist: the list will help keep you organized and help you not miss any possible deductions
  10. Create a budget and track your expenses
  11. Save any finalized tax reports from previous years in a file area easy to locate for at least 3 years
  12. Start early and prepare throughout the previous year
  13. Stay current on new tax laws and breaks especially if they affect you directly
  14. Remember that overlooked deductions mean you put less money into your wallet, and you may end up paying too much in taxes
  15. Above all, have a financial game plan!


Key Questions to Ask When Looking for a Tax Advisor:

  1. Do they provide clients with an honest, secure, educational, and efficient tax preparation experience?
  2. Are they a respectable tax service?
  3. Is the company accessible, accurate, affordable, convenient, efficient, fast, knowledgeable, reliable?
  4. Are the tax advisors competent with tax advice, fast and accurate?
  5. Do they provide you tools for making informed financial decisions?
  6. Will they ensure that the information received and transmitted is secure at all times?


Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s get started on your personal financial journey with the following links below!

Don’t worry, you got this! Plus, I’m here to help you along the way to financial freedom!

Remember that in order to create the future you deserve, you have to be willing to make the changes TODAY!

Let the journey begin,


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