Do I Need to File a Tax Return?

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As the new tax season approaches, it is good to know what your filing status will be and if you even need to file taxes. How do you determine if you need to file a tax return? I’ll answer that question for your in today’s article. I’ll also breakdown moments when you’re not required to file a tax return.

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When should I file a tax return?

  • If you are a U.S. citizen, or a resident alien
  • Your gross income (the amount of money you make before anything is taken out for taxes or other deductions) is above the recommended amount listed in the chart below
  • Your filing status and age meet the requirements on the chart below

2018 Filing Requirement Chart

Filing StatusAgeGross Income
SingleUnder 65$12,000
65 or older$13, 600
Married Filing JointlyUnder 65 (both spouses)$24,000
65 or older (one spouse)$25,300
65 or older (both spouses)$26,600
Married Filing SeparatelyAny age***
Head of HouseholdUnder 65$18,000
65 or older$19,600
Qualifying Window(er)Under 65$24,000
65 or older$25,300

***You must file a return if you had gross income of any amount

Note: You are required to file a tax return even if you don’t owe any taxes.

You may have to pay a penalty if you are required to file a tax return and fail to do so. Also, in certain instances if you fail to file a tax return you may face criminal prosecution.

What is required for me to file?

Usually if your gross income is at least the amount on the table above for the age and filing status listed, you should file a tax return.

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What are some exceptions not on the requirements table?

  • If you can be claimed as a dependent of someone else, the gross income is usually less than what is shown in the chart above.
  • You’re self-employed, then you must file if your net income is more than $400.
  • Your dependent child is blind or has investment income, then special rules may apply.
  • If any members of your household are enrolled in the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare and receive advance payments for the premium tax credit then they must file.

Should I file even if I’m not required?

If you are not required to file, you can still file a tax return to claim a refund.

For example, you should file a return if one of the following is true:

  • Income tax was withheld from your pay
  • Made estimated tax payments for the year
  • Had an overpayment from a previous year that’s applied to this year’s estimated tax payments
  • Eligible for the Earned Income Credit (EIC).
  • Qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC).
  • Qualify for the Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit (ACA).

Example 1: Jim and Pam are married and plan to file a joint return. Jim is 50 and had a gross income of $16,000 for the year. Pam is 45 and her gross income was $2,000 for the year. Since their combined gross income is $18,000 which is less than required gross income minimum of $24,000 for a couple married and filing jointly, they are not required to file a tax return.

Note: If taxes were withheld from Jim and Pam’s pay, then they can still file a tax return to claim a refund.

Example 2: Hazel, age 30, is single with no dependents. Her gross income for 2018 is $12,750. She must file a tax return because her gross income is more than $12,000. This exceeds the minimum amount required for a person filing as single.

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