Where’s My Amended Return? (Easy Ways to File Form 1040X)

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As the tax season comes to an end, many individuals have received their returns and are set for 2020. Then there are those who had something come up where their taxes couldn’t be complete in time and the question, “where’s my amended return,” may come up.

There are also many instances where you have completed your tax return but need to make a correction or amendment.

Now with this being the government, you may think it is a long and complicated process, when really, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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What is IRS form 1040X?

IRS Form 1040X is the Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Once you download the form, you will notice that it’s two-pages and is used to amend, correct, or update a previously filed individual tax return. 

The 1040X is the tax form you’ll complete if you need to amend your tax form for any reason.

You can download the blank IRS form 1040X PDF online and complete it in the comfort of your home.

As with any IRS tax form, there are bound to be questions, especially if it’s a form you rarely file.

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When Should You File IRS Form 1040X?

You should file form 1040X if you notice an omission or error in your previous tax return that may lead to an affect in refund amount or IRS payment status.

The IRS recommends that you wait until you receive your tax refund before you complete an amended tax return.

Page one 1040x Amended Return
Page one of the Amended Form

Power Tip: You have three years from your original tax return filing date to file form 1040X for claiming a refund.

You can Google search many of the questions you’ll likely have, but this article aims to answer your most common “where’s my amended tax return” questions in one place.

But first, let’s go through how to fill out a 1040X line by line.

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IRS Form 1040X Instructions Step-by-Step

  1. Locate a blank Form 1040X from the IRS website
  2. Check the box indicating tax year you’re amending
  3. Enter your name, Social Security Number, and your spouse data if you’re filing jointly Put your current address and daytime phone number
  4. Enter your filing status
  5. Check the minimal essential health care coverage box if applicable
  6. Review the left-most column sections (Income and Deductions, Tax Liability, Payments, Refund or Amount You Owe)
  7. Start putting in the correct numbers/amount in the right three columns (Column A: Original Amount, Column B: Net Change, Column C: Correct Amount)
  8. Put negative numbers in parentheses. For example, -1983 would be put in as (1983)
Part one of 1040x amended return

Power Tip: A separate IRS form 1040X is needed for each tax year.

You may find it easier to complete the form on your computer because you can then save an electronic copy on your desktop and print it out to mail to the IRS.

Remember: You cannot e-file Form 1040X, instead you have to mail it to the IRS along with any documents to support the changes such as:

  • W-2(s)
  • Other IRS tax forms

Where to mail 1040x?

You will mail your 1040x Form to the Department  of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Austin, TX 73301-0255 if you file your amended return due to the following issues:

  • You’re responding to a notification received from the IRS
  • If you received reimbursement for a hurricane-related loss
  • You need to file with Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ
Lady mailing IRS Form 1040x for amended tax return

If the above scenarios do not apply to you, then visit the IRS website to see which location to mail yours in for your state here.

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How long does the filing take to process?

The likely most asked question when it comes it comes to any tax form is how long will it take. According to the IRS, it could take up to 16 weeks for the from to be processed.

However, you do have the ability to track your request through the Where’s My Amended Return website.

Similar to if you’ve checked your Federal refund, you’ll need a few identifying information such as your social security number.

Happy Lady on Computer wondering Where's my amended return.

Keep in mind, that if you search after a week of mailing it still may not show up, as it can take up to 3 weeks to populate on the system for tracking.

What occurs once the 1040X Amended Tax Return form has been processed?

You will receive a notice that your tax refund has changed, remained the same or that you now owe taxes. From there you would take the normal steps if you owed and were due a refund from normal tax filings.

Again, this process can take up to 16 weeks so have some patience with the system.

Why the process is taking longer than 16 weeks?

The process can take in excess of 16 weeks if your Form 1040X contains errors or mistakes. Since this form was mailed physically, you will communicate that why on this process.

Woman worried where her amended tax return is.

When sending your form, ensure that all the information is correct and up to date, allowing for the process to be completed smoothly.

These are just a few of the questions you may have but these few questions are likely to be the ones you have. Depending on when you catch the errors or are notified, the times for processing can vary.

Easy Tips to Remember About Your Amended Return

To ensure that you don’t have to utilize Form 1040X, here are a few tips to consider when preparing your taxes.

Couple working on amended return 1040x.

1 – Ensure that your W2 and income taxes are filed correctly

When filing your taxes, take the time to review all of your details to ensure you have the right information. Keep a list of money you’ve transacted out of a retirement account, a side business and even your personal income.

This will ensure you receive the appropriate forms in a timely manner and don’t miss anything.

2 – File as soon as possible.

File your taxes as soon as possible. This will help in expediting the process. If you find that you incorrectly completed your taxes and need a Form 1040X, you will have ample time to complete and submit the form.

3 – Use the IRS website for submitting information.

The governments website will tell you everything you need to know about any tax form, including Form 1040X. Before you submit the form, take your time and ensure everything is correct, because you won’t want to complete a third tax form.

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Still have questions regarding the IRS Where’s My Amended Return Situation?

If you find that you still have questions are need assistance, there are two paths you can take. The first is to talk with you current tax professional, as they have likely seen your issue before.

Tax Season Preparing choose a good tax preparer. A top tax tip with accountant going over taxes with client.

Allow them to review you questions or concerns, and they will likely give you the next steps necessary.

The alternative is to visit the IRS website and research your question there, in the FAQ section. Here is where you can access portals such as Where’s My Amended Return.

You will also find a phone number you can contact, however, be prepared to wait on hold depending on what time of the year you reach out.

Final Thoughts

Filing taxes can be difficult and errors do occur. When you find an error, simply look up the Form 1040X and begin the process of amending your return.

This will save you time and potentially money in the future, eliminating the possibility of fines or unclaimed money.

Where's my amended tax return form 1040x

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