What to Do if You Receive the 4883c Letter from the IRS

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If you received a 4883c letter from the IRS, it’s normal to feel panicked. What did you do wrong? What does the IRS want?

Are they going to come after your assets? Are you going to pay penalties?

These are some 4883c letter questions that go through the minds of taxpayers. Fortunately, the letter isn’t as bad as it seems and with the right steps, you can get through it with ease.

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What is the IRS 4883c Letter?

While the IRS 4883c letter is from the IRS, it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s basically a letter of request for you to contact the IRS. They are concerned about your identity and want to confirm it before they process your return.

Keep in mind, you will only receive this communication via mail. The IRS doesn’t communicate online or via email. If you receive an email that looks similar, it’s likely a phishing scam.

Report it to the IRS or delete it, but don’t click on the links.

Example Scenario

What exactly would it look like to receive the 4883c letter? Here’s an example.

Joe Smith filed his tax return early. His tax preparer did the taxes for him and he knows everything was handled correctly.

A month later, Joe receives the 4883c letter in the mail. It states that the IRS received his tax return, but that they need more information to process it appropriately.

The letter gives Joe a phone number to call and the times to call. It also gives Joe the option to provide his phone number and the best hours to call him. If Joe wants, he can mail the letter back and have the IRS call him rather than him sitting on hold.

Joe calls the IRS himself. He sits on hold for about 30 minutes and gets through to a representative. Joe can quickly answer the questions the IRS agent has for him because he gathered all of his necessary documents including last year’s tax return before he called.

The IRS agent tells Joe that they have all the information they need and they will now process his return. Joe receives his refund within 9 weeks, and the process is behind him.

4883c Letter Questions

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s go through the most common questions for the IRS form 4883c.

Lady checking mail to get IRS Form 4883c Letter

Why would you receive the IRS 4883c letter?

The IRS sends out the 4883c letter when they suspect identity theft. It doesn’t have to be anything huge either. If they suspect someone tampered with your account, they’ll immediately request verification before processing your return.

How long do you have to call the IRS back?

The IRS gives you 30 days to respond to the letter. If you don’t, then problems may occur, as it could result in late filing fees and interest on any amount you owe.

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What do you need when you call the IRS?

It’s easy to resolve the issue. Call the 800 number on your letter and have the following documents handy:

  1. Your 4883c letter
  2. The tax return for the year that corresponds to the letter
  3. Your tax return from the previous year
  4. W-2s or any schedules from your tax return

When you speak to the representative, he/she will ask questions that you must answer, so having these documents will make it easier.

Lady in white sweater on the phone with IRS about Form 4883c Letter

Do you have to talk to the IRS in person?

In rare cases, the IRS requests an in-person meeting. Typically, they can do the verification over the phone though.

What happens if you don’t call and you’re owed a refund?

The IRS won’t complete the processing of your return if you don’t call them back. This could result in a delay of your refund. They won’t take a chance with identity theft.

How many people receive the 4883c letter?

With the increase in hacking and identity theft today, the IRS sends out the 4883c letter more now than ever before. Don’t panic if you receive one. Just do what it says on the letter to get it straightened out.

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3 Easy Tips to Help You Go Through the Process

  1. Only you can call the IRS. Even if you have a tax preparer or a power of attorney, the IRS won’t talk to anyone but you. Make sure you have the necessary information with you so you can complete the call in one try.
  2. Don’t be nervous. You aren’t in trouble. In fact, the IRS is trying to protect you by offering this service. They have reason to suspect there was identity theft and they want to make sure it’s straightened out before they send you (or the person who stole your identity) the refund.
  3. Wait patiently for your refund. Once you verify your identity, we know you’re eager to get your refund. The IRS says to wait 9 weeks for complete processing and a refund. If you don’t receive it in that time, then follow up.

Bottom Line on the 4883c Letter

The IRS 4883c letter seems scary, as does any communication from the IRS, but it’s not a big deal. Think of it as another way to protect your information.

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Identity theft is a real threat today and is one you don’t want to mess around with. While the IRS does delay the processing of your tax return, which means a longer time before you get your refund, it’s for your own good.

If you get the letter, process it as quickly as you can. Get your documents and call the IRS quickly. If you’re calling during tax season, expect long wait times, though.

What to Do if You Receive the 4883c Letter from the IRS
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Once you get through, answer the questions confidently and the process should be over.

If the IRS requests an in-person meeting, though, do as they say in order to get your tax return filed. The quicker you do what the IRS needs, the quicker the situation can be behind you.

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