Pay Off Debt Quickly with These 4 Simple Tips

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Are you having a hard time trying to figure out how to pay off debt quickly this year?

Living in a country that is driven largely by consumerism can make it difficult for you to stay away from credit cards and all the other tempting debt.

On top of that, using credit cards and obtaining loans is a painless process, which makes it easier to spend money that may not be available.

Or money that you can’t pay back.

Once debt is accumulated it can be difficult to get rid of it, but it is certainly far from impossible.

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How to Pay Off Debt Fast in 4 Easy Steps

Paying off debt takes a slow and methodical approach. In this article I will show how you can begin eliminating debt in an easy and quick way!

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1 – Create a Budget

First and foremost, having a proper budget in place is critical to getting out of debt quickly.

Without a budget, you lack a plan and purpose for your money. This leaves the door open for unnecessary spending that puts you much deeper into debt.

With your budget, you’ll want to ensure all unnecessary spending is eliminated and from there, those funds are all directed aggressively to eliminating debt.

By creating a budget, you are directing where your money is going.

However, you don’t have to eliminate all enjoyable purchases such as eating out or entertainment.

But, if you want to become debt free you must curb those expenses for the time being in order to create the life you deserve!

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2 – Utilize a Debt Elimination Plan

Once you’ve created a budget, you’ll want to implement a debt elimination plan. This plan will give you guidance on prioritizing your debt and begin eliminating your balances one by one.

The first plan that is among the most popular is the debt avalanche.

This method takes all of your debts and puts them in order from highest interest rate to lowest.

By doing this you save money on interest payments in the long run. However, you may have your largest balance as the first debt and this can take time to pay off.

3 – Use the Debt Snowball Method

The second plan to consider works in a similar manner and is called the debt snowball.

This method takes all of your debt and puts them in order from smallest to largest by balance size.

Dave Baby Step 2 Debt Snowball with actual white snowballs.
Dave Baby Step 2 Debt Snowball

Using this method gives you the ability to see tangible results quickly! This in turn will fuel your momentum and cause you to get out debt fast, even with a low income.

Keep in mind that this method may result in more interest payments.

Regardless of your decision, the main goal is to reduce or eliminate your debt quickly. Finding what works best for you is key and as long as you stick with it that’s all that matters.

4 – Increase Cash Flow

Lastly, to pay off debt quickly you should look into increasing you cash flow.

By doing this, you can allocate more dollars to your debt, which will lead you to financial freedom quickly.

In order to increase your incoming cash flow, you’ll need to either pick up a second job or freelance on the side.

Etsy and Taxes Tips and Deductions with Etsy Shop Owners taking a photo. Using side-hustle to pay off debt fast.

Popular freelancing websites are Fiverr.com and Upwork.com, which allows you to market your own talents and make lots of extra cash on the side.

And believe me, you have something special that you do to make extra money on Fiver.com.

If you are looking to sell products, you can utilize websites such as Etsy or eBay. You can even create your own blog that focuses on your family travels.

Lastly, delivering pizza or working for a ride sharing service are also good ways to increase incoming cash flow.

Breaking up with Debt: The Tale of Two Saras



From Visually.

15 Creative Ways to Help Pay off Debt

Now that we know how to pay off debt quickly, let’s talk about things you can do today to help you save more money to put towards your debt.

  1. Set your budget up the right away
  2. Open up a bank account that’s only dedicated to saving for your vacation
  3. Set up an automatic transfer to your savings bank account (do weekly or bi-weekly transfers)
  4. Start using cash to pay for your daily expenses (think of the envelope system that Dave Ramsey speaks about and only budget a certain amount of money for day-to-day items…once it’s gone you have to wait for the next month to take more cash out)
  5. Take a break from buying coffee (instead make your own coffee at home)
  6. Keep your monthly food budget in check
  7. Become a meal planning pro
  8. Find gym alternatives to save money (work out from home or ask for deals at your current gym)
  9. Eat out less
  10. Remove big expenses from your budget like your outrageous rent/mortgage car (I know I’m being blasphemous right now, but could you sell your car and buy a cheaper car?)
  11. Get a part-time job
  12. Car pool to work with your co-workers (you guys can alternate the weeks of who will drive into the office or location)
  13. Download a savings app
  14. Rent out a room in your home
  15. Stay motivated while saving

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Final Thoughts on How to Pay off Debt Quickly

Eliminating your debt fast will not only free up your cash flow, but it will allow your investments to grow without hindrance.

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If you have an investment that earns 6% but your debt is costing 10%, it ends up being a net loss in the end.

The key to paying off debt quickly is to first establish a budget and begin directing your money where to go.

Secondly, is to implement a debt elimination plan that fits your current lifestyle.

Lastly, increase your cash flow by starting a freelance business or selling unwanted items. The quicker you are able to eliminate debt the quicker you can begin building wealth!

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I hope this breakdown helps you discover some additional ways of how to get out of debt quickly. Let me know which tip is your favorite in the comment section below.

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