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This blog series is here to bring you up-to-date tax tips, news, and how to find the best online income tax services.


Income Tax Preparation Goals

The mission here at The Handy Tax Guy is to provide you with an honest and efficient tax education experience through the help of the blog.

Virtual Tax Services Online with People Working on Computer

At the The Handy Tax Guy, another goal is to help you figure out which route you should take when filing your income tax return.

Money and Tax Tips to Help You Win!

I’m not only here to help alleviate your tax worries, but I’m also here to help give money-saving tips to help you accomplish your financial goals as painless as possible.

I believe you should never let your fears keep you from fulfilling your purpose and living out your dreams.

That’s why The Handy Tax Guy was created.

Income Tax Calculator Help for Tax Services

Former Tax Advisor

Working with tax clients over the past decade as a Tax Advisor has helped me combine the many years of experience into creating a blog that will help you take control of your finances.

You will learn about simple everyday tax tips that you can start using right away.

Your Experience with Tax Services Online

Here I envision someone who has many hats to wear every day with multiple duties and tasks to take care of and who wants to WIN AT MONEY!

Choose the right tax filing status. Tax tips for beginners with friends and family. #taxtips #taxplanning

I understand that each year the thought of preparing a federal and/or state tax return can be daunting.

This is due to the time required to gather and report the numerous forms and tax receipts needed.

Income Tax Services Online

Although I’m taking a break in preparing taxes for you this year, I do have some top online income tax services that I recommend.

Which online tax services are the best?

Final Thoughts

On this journey, you’ll be able to keep moving in life without missing a beat due to the time needed for preparing your yearly tax return.

Let’s get ready to navigate through the mountainous world of online tax preparation!

Whether you’re a small business or an Online Influencer/Blogger needing tax tips, this blog will have you covered.

At The Handy Tax Guy you work for you, so I work for you!

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Until the next money adventure, take care!

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(Original Date: July 1, 2015/Updated October 2, 2019)

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Nikida Metellus is a financial freedom advocate, author, and the reimagined voice behind, now focused on helping you achieve a debt-free life and financial success. Based in Orlando, Florida, she combines her love for theme parks with actionable financial strategies, offering a unique perspective on balancing fun and finances. As the author of Complete Tax Planning Guide, she has now expanded her expertise to guide you on the road to financial freedom. Co-founder of Bramework and a coffee enthusiast at heart, Nikida is committed to empowering you with practical tips and insights to manage your money wisely. When she's not blogging or exploring Florida's attractions, she enjoys quality time with her husband and two daughters. Welcome to your journey toward a financially free life!