25 REAL Ways to Make Money from Home for Busy Professional Moms

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Have you been trying to figure out how to TRULY make money from home?

As if working a full-time job wasn’t enough, being a professional who is also a mother should be considered two full time jobs.

Evolution in the professional world has allowed mothers to stay at home longer with their newborn and have a more flexible schedule as they grow.

However, as you progress in your corporate career you may find you require more flexibility in your schedule.

Technology has made it more possible than ever to generate income from home and leave the cubical life behind. This article will highlight 7 examples of how you can make money from home and ditch the 9 to 5 work life.

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REAL Ways to Make Money from Home with woman on laptop

1. Freelance

The first example is freelancing. This is a general term because freelancing can encompass many things from writing to being a virtual assistant. There are several sties to help you get started such as Fiverr.com, which allow you to sell your services. You simply pick the niche you wish work in and begin.

Not only does this give you the freedom to work anywhere there’s an Internet connection, but you can build your own schedule.

2. Etsy

Another popular platform you can use to generate income is Etsy. If you have the gift of creating crafts that are both unique and pleasing to the eye, you can build a shop on Etsy and sell your product.

While your children are at school or taking a nap, you can create your own product (physical or digital) and sell when ready. This is a wonderful way to generate income because you can do it passively.

3. Build Websites

If you have a thing for building websites, then this is a powerful way to not only build income, but also build passive income.

For example, if you build a review site for a niche and use affiliate links to earn a commission on the sales, as people view your review and use your link to buy the product, you will generate revenue.

Once this is up and running it takes minimal maintenance to continue.

4. Flip Items

 If you have a bunch of items lying around your house or love the thrill of a garage sale hunt, then you can make quite a bit of money flipping items.

Box of clothes to sell to help save money fast

This is simply finding something that is under priced and selling it for more elsewhere.

Right now, items such as shoes and vintage clothing are categories that can generate healthy returns. All it takes is a few hours every few days and you can begin seeing healthy returns.

5. Uber/Lyft

 While Uber and Lyft are not technology based as the first few examples are, this is a respectable way to ditch the corporate job and being making an income without answering to a boss.

If you combine this with flipping items on the Internet, you would be surprised at how much money you can potentially make.

6. Social Media Influencer

 If you love to travel or are passionate about a certain topic, you can look at building a following and becoming a social media influencer.

Social Media influencer making money from home with Female Texting on Phone

This simply means you have an influence within a certain market using your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. How you generate revenue is people will ask you to promote their product and in return you charge a fee.

The larger your page the more you can charge.

7. Blog/Vlog

 Lastly, if you love to write or have a talent of being in from of the camera you can earn money from publishing a blog or video blog.

Make money from home with Bloggers taking a photo.

While this will likely take the longest to see an income, if you become knowledgeable on SEO or Facebook advertisements you can quickly gain a following and build revenue through a variety of sources.

18 More Ways to Make Money from Home

  1. Answer Phone Calls From Home: you can become a call center employee who works from home
  2. Babysit: this a classic, yet easy way to make some cash quickly and consistently
  3. Be a Dog Walker or Sitter: you can start in your own neighborhood and walk dogs for a fee
  4. Become A Tutor: if you have a subject that you’re good at, why not make some extra cash and tutor others who may need help in it
  5. Become a Virtual Assistant: if you’re computer savvy and understand how to use the internet and social media, you can become an assistant to a blogger or influencer
  6. Blog Editor: there are plenty of bloggers online who need someone to edit and update blog posts on a regular basis
  7. Clean Homes: this is quite a lucrative business you can start, if you know how to maximize your time and you are good at getting clients to refer your services
  8. Create Online Courses: sites like Udemy and Teachable allow you to create courses in an area that you’re an expect in and share it with world
  9. Get Paid to Shop: you can become a personal shopper with apps such as Instacart
  10. Become an App or Website Tester: you can use sites like UTest and UserTesting to go through different applications and make sure they work correctly
  11. Make Meals: sell your delicious meals and baked dishes
  12. Proofread: you can review writing from people online through sites like Fiverr
  13. Provide a Transcription Service: you can transcribe people’s audio from their podcast or video for a set fee
  14. Sell Your Photos: if you have an eye for the camera, then you can sell your creations to stock photo sites online
  15. Social Media Manager: if you’re good with understanding the various online platforms and you have an eye for marketing, then this is perfect for you
  16. Take an Online Survey: sites such as Survey Junkie allow you to fill out questionnaires for a certain amount of income
  17. Be a Mystery Shopper: certain companies will pay you to shop. This is done for a variety of reasons from checking product placement to making sure a store cards you for restricted items.
  18. Write Books: yep, I said it! You can write your own books and publish them on Amazon through their Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing service

You can also grab the Savings Goal Workbook here to help you get started saving quickly and easily.

Savings Plan Workbook on the road to financial freedom and success.

Final Thoughts

The goal here is to be passionate and consistent with your publishing.

Earning an income from home while also being a full-time mother is more possible than you realize. Ditching the 9 to 5 life to obtain a more flexible schedule will not only bring you happiness, but also allow you to work when and how you want.

There are many other ways to generate revenue outside of a traditional job but these are a few places you can start.

Make money from home. Money tips for moms.
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