What Does Tax Inclusive Mean and How Does it Affect You?

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Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, it’s important to understand the different methods by which taxes are applied. The sale price of a product or service may be inclusive of tax or exclusive of taxes – depending on at what point taxes are charged.

As a consumer, you’ll want to know if the sale price is a flat rate, or if you should consider the tax rate in addition to the advertised price.

A business, however, will need to know how their vendors charge tax and will need to determine when to charge tax as part of their pricing strategy.

Lady waitress at restaurant serving coffee. She's wondering how to claim tips on her tax return and if the meal is tax inclusive.

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What Does Tax Exclusive Mean?

More often than not, the price of products and services is exclusive of tax. This means that the listed price is not the final cost. Additional sales taxes are instead charged at the point of purchase, at a specified rate.

Lady with Shopping Bag at the Store wondering if the products are tax exclusive.

For example, an item with a net price of $100 charged 10% tax at the checkout will total $110 altogether.

Excluding tax until the time of payment provides consumers with an itemized receipt, including the total amount of taxes applied to their purchase – which is extremely helpful for both personal and business accounting purposes.

Pro Tip: Since tax rates vary by state, it is much easier for larger businesses with multiple locations to use tax-exclusive pricing.

What Does Tax Inclusive Mean

A product or service that is tax inclusive is priced at a flat rate – no additional charges are added at the point of purchase.

Tax Deductions for barbers with tools on the counter. Main question is are these services tax inclusive or exclusive?

While this pricing strategy is easier for consumers, illustrating the full price of a product or service upfront, it’s not the best method for all businesses.

It can be time-consuming for larger companies to implement tax inclusive pricing since the tax charge rises with the value of the product or service.

Pro Tip: Businesses and vendors with a small product line may benefit more from tax inclusive pricing, helping to make quick transactions even more efficient.

How Do You Calculate Inclusive Tax?

Once you have the value of the product or service and the tax rate for your state, calculating a price inclusive tax is quite easy! Follow the following formula.

Net Price + Sales Tax Amount = Flat Rate Price

For instance, a product or service with a net price of $100 with a 10% tax rate would be listed at a flat rate price of $110 tax inclusive.

What Does Tax Inclusive Salary Mean?

A tax inclusive salary is exactly that – a gross salary that has not had taxes deducted. Most times when an employee is paid, their employer will deduct the appropriate payroll taxes.

However, some employers may hire subcontractors instead, allowing them to bypass the payroll tax process. This puts the responsibility of payroll tax remittance on the employee, saving businesses time and money.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, taxes are inevitable – it’s just a matter of when they will be charged. For consumers, prices that are tax exclusive will always appear to have a lower listed price, whereas tax-inclusive prices will appear higher.

There are many instances where both tax methods can prove beneficial, depending on the size of the business, their reach, and product line.

What Does Tax Inclusive Mean and How Does it Affect You
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I hope this article helped you gain some control of your tax plan this year. Remember not to stress out. Don’t forget to check out Tax Forms page for any additional online tax checklists and forms you may need this year.

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